Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapists are licensed and educated to practice for cases that exceed relaxation and muscle tension relief alone. Although they typically have experience with working on relaxation and stress relief, and RMT can focus on rehabilitation and more severe cases on the body and mind. For example, sports injuries, torn muscles, and pregnancy focused massage. Some RMTs can also combine their techniques with other practices and theories to achieve better results on their patients. See Massage Therapy to learn more.

No pain, no gain as they say! Depending on what kind of massage therapy you’re looking for or recommended to you, you can feel some pressure on your body. This is not unexpected but do not hesitate to communicate any discomfort to your practitioner and to release pressure or to be more gentle.

Comfortable, flexible, and non-restrictive clothing are preferred for ease and release blood circulation. The patient usually will not be asked to remove any article of clothing unless the practitioner needs to access specific areas of the trunk and pelvic area.

We understand if you’re tight on time. It’s generally okay to, for example, have acupuncture and massage on the same day. Sometimes it’s recommended and can promote relaxation and healing effects.