Gilbert Lai

Gilbert Lai

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner


Gilbert Lai completed his Master’s degree of Science and obtained a bachelor degree in Food Science at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. Under the influence of his Chinese Medicine families, Gilbert decided to continue into acupuncture completing his degree at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TSTCM).

Gilbert uses a combination of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture in his treatments to achieve the best results with the fewest needles. The result is a virtually painless treatment and the highest level of comfort – even for patients who are afraid of needles. He also learns and follows Dr. Richard Tan’s acupuncture balance method for treating pain and chronic diseases.

He previously taught as a clinic instructor at TSTCM, and volunteered at People With AIDS and in the Dorothy Lay Hospice with cancer patients. Currently with his practice, he volunteers in the Asian Community AIDS Service (ACAS). He is known as a great practitioner and combines Acupuncture and Tuina Massage to help his patients regain balance.