Cupping is a traditional Chinese Therapy that involves the use of a vacuum-like suction created by heating a glass cup to promote circulation or draw out toxins that are lodged in deeper layers of the body. The use of cups as a method of treatment dates back to 1000 BC in China and has also been recorded in many other cultures.

It is a method often paired with acupuncture and other therapies to ease the body’s trouble and can be used during treatments for optimal results.

Traditionally, cupping is used to treat frozen shoulder, back pain and mild fevers but can also help with deep relaxation of the muscles and fascia providing pain relief and support to rheumatic diseases.

**Please note: Cupping may leave bruise-like marks that usually disappear within 3-7 days depending on the patient’s body. These marks are generally not painful and have little to no risk after effects. 

Retention Cupping (stationary)
Cups are heated and placed on areas of the patient. The cups are not moved and will stay on the patient for 10-20 minutes depending on the patient’s condition.

Flash Cupping
Cups are heated and repetitively placed and pulled from the patient’s body, this method is generally used for patients with a weak constitution to stimulate meridians.

Moving Cupping
Cups are heated and placed on the patient’s body along with massage oil. The cups are then moved along the meridians to promote circulation and deep relaxation of the tissues.

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