Cupping is one of the many Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities that is commonly known to alleviate muscle tension. It has recently become more popular as many athletes are promoting the benefits they received after cupping.  

Cupping Therapy - The Best Way to Manage Muscle Pain and Injury - by Simple Cures Toronto

Cupping is a technique that involves vacuum-like suction created by heating a glass cup. Once suction is created, the cups may be moved to glide across the body or retained for a short duration. The goal of this treatment is to release the toxins that are lodged inside the body or to improve circulation. Therefore, cupping is used for many acute and chronic injuries, especially when combined with acupuncture treatments.

Who is suitable for cupping therapies? 

Cupping is suitable for anyone looking to relieve chronic pain like frozen shoulders, soothe acute injuries like ankle sprains, or simply relax their muscles. Suction in the glass cups can improve frozen shoulders as it can release blocked circulation and mobility in the area caused by scar tissues. However not every frozen shoulder is suitable for cupping, so speak with one of our practitioners to find out if cupping is the right fit for you. 

Conditions usually treated with cupping are:

    • Musculoskeletal pain 
    • Acute injury
    • Inflamed muscle groups
    • Post workout / work fatigue relaxation
    • Cellulite
    • Cold and flu symptoms

Here at Simple Cures, our practitioners will determine a treatment plan and the style of cupping that is most suited for you. The number of cupping sessions needed will be based on your diagnosis. Due to the nature of this treatment, cupping marks will be apparent but disappear within 3-7 days after treatment. These marks are generally not painful and do not pose any health risks. Interestingly, the colour of your cupping marks also tells us more about your condition. If you are interested, ask one of our practitioners about cupping!