Moxibustion is normally recommended for people who are experiencing “cold” symptoms with an imbalance in Yang. Some symptoms include cold sweat, allergies, and menstrual pain.

There are many uses for Moxa but there are some instances where it should be avoided. Please consult with you practitioner before getting treatment.

The fragrance omitted is the burning of mugwort when being used in treatment. Many people love it and find it relaxing and cleansing while others may not favour it. It’s scent is very earthy, deep, and warm. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stain clothes!

Many people will feel immediate results during or after their treatment. Like other practices, it is a case-by-case treatment and vary for different people and their conditions.

Not at all. The feeling is a sensation of warmth near the skin, as it is administered by a registered practitioner, and may only feel warm. If you have any feeling of discomfort, we ask that you communicate that to your practitioner immediately.
Yes! Moxibustion is often combined with acupuncture or massage therapy to get the best results with no risks. If you’re unsure, consult your practitioner or contact us before continuing with treatment.