Herbal Therapy

The main difference between conventional medicine and alternative medicine is the approach. The same way Naturopathy looks to treat symptoms and problems from the root cause or towards prevention of furthering issues, Herbal Medicine looks to work with our body’s natural constitution. Treatment is individualized to meet specific needs.

Yes, if used properly. Modern medicines are commonly derived from herbs and are still used today to treat many acute problems without us even knowing. We use herbs on a daily basis and neglect its powerful uses.

As treatment plans vary, some patients experience immediate changes, others may take a while depending on how deep rooted the issue is. Some patients even choose to continue Herbal Therapy for its preventative use and general health benefits.

Herbal Therapy is an affordable solution and alternative to other medicines. They key benefit is that it is portable and can provide treatment outside of the clinic.

Most likely, there are no side-effects to taking prescribed medication and herbal medicine as it is a natural solution that combines with our bodies natural composition. Many people look to taking Herbal Medicine so that they don’t have to rely on prescription medicine.

Prior to treatment, please inform your practitioner and disclose all potential allergies and intolerances so that we may better service your needs.

We always ask that our patients check with their insurance providers to have a clear understanding of what they are covered under. Herbal medicine is less common in terms of coverage. Some coverage may cover “Chinese Medicine”, “Alternative Medicine” or blanket coverage, in those cases there is a good chance that herbal medicine is covered under those categories.