Cupping should not be a painful process and generally does not induce pain unless there are underlying health issues. The pressure of the cup can be adjusted to accommodate to the threshold of the patient. Like massage, patients normally feel a sense of relaxation.

If there are any concerns in sensitivity, please communicate this with your practitioner.

The marks are a result of the suction of the cups and fade away after 3-7 days. They are often compared to large hickies and can seem bruise-like, but they don’t hurt. The quality of marks tells us different things about the state of the patient’s health (some marks are darker than others which may indicate poor circulation).

Cupping therapy can be very effective for people with muscle tension, body pain, and circulation issues. Sometimes cupping is used with other treatments (like acupuncture) for better results.

People with a weak constitution, low blood pressure, thrombosis, or varicose veins should consult the practitioner before starting treatment.