Flow Taichi

“Reach new levels of mental relaxation and calmness at the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.” 
-Shiran Li

What is Flow Taichi?

Flow Taichi is a set of tools and philosophy that can benefit your health and wellness as well as all aspect of your life – only if you will it.

Our system brings traditional methods to meet the demands of the modern context. It is aimed to effectively reduce stress, restore balance and, at the same time, teaches your body to move in a way of artistic expression. 

Our goal is to help you increase your daily movement and better your overall well-being with low-impact, high functioning activities at your own convenience.

Flow Taichi involves awareness, breathing and gentle movements to maintain strength, flexibility and balance in mind and body.

What are the health benefits of practicing Taichi?

Better Posture & Less Pain

Flow Taichi movements focuses on body alignment and coordination of your upper and lower body.

It is often difficult to correct your posture by sheer willpower. 

Improving your awareness of body posture can help you to build habits that will realign your posture, improve blood flow, and ultimately reduce physical pain.

*Numerous clinical studies show that Taichi can significantly alleviate a variety of muscle and joint pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Increase the Ability to Handle Stress & Improve Mood

Taichi can help you slow down and steady the mind and the body; a lot of stress and fatigue can happen and accumulate when you are unaware of the impact of the environment that constantly influences you.

By learning to be steady, you will be able to better process your stress factors and let go of the tension that binds you to negative energy.   

Meet New Friends

Flow Taichi places great emphasis on building valuable interpersonal relationships through our practice.

We believe Taichi should not be practiced solely in isolation.

It is a great tool for improving one’s senses to external energies and a great way to build solid relationships with others through a deeper understanding (get excited for our push-hand sessions!).

Increase Stability & Balance

Studies show that older adults who practice 1-hour of Taichi 1-3 times a week are 43% less likely to fall.

It increases muscle strength and flexibility, making it easier to recover from a stumble.

Taichi can also reduce fear through slow and gentle movements that calm the mind and nervous system.

Strengthen Your Heart

Many clinical studies show that Taichi can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic inflammation and regulate the nervous system.

When your mind is calm, your heart relaxes and your circulation improves which in turn can speed up recovery from physical injuries.

Sharpen Your Mind

Taichi can better your awareness, attention, and focus by being grounded.

This can help improve your memory and cognitive functions by providing clarity of the mind and the wisdom of understanding the relationship between you and your environment.

Take your first step into better health…

Instructed by Richard Kwan (left) (R.TCMP) and Steve Shiran Li (right) (R.TCMP, DOMP) with over 20 years of combined experience.


1PM TO 2PM EST on zoom

Course Outline

Great for seniors and beginners!

Our online classes are designed to aid all ages, body types, and many health concerns by improving your overall well-being. We aim to rebuild your foundation so that you can regain a newfound perspective in life.

With virtual support through an online platform, we openly share our expertise in Taichi, Acupuncture, and Osteopathic Medicine and look to continuously improve the lives of our students while also offering support to our patients’ needs.

Every class includes a Questions & Answers session at the end so that we can better cater to your condition(s) or address any other concerns.

Step 1 – Getting the movements down

Step 2 – Getting your movements to flow

Step 3 – Practice with your fellow Flow Taichi-ers (a friend, significant other, your kids) or on your own at the comfort of anywhere you want!

You can also review the classes online at your own convenience and comfort!

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