Moxibustion in Toronto

Moxibustion is the art of using heat produced from Ai Ye – Artemesia vulgaris to treat various diseases. Traditionally, Acupuncture is often combined with Moxibustion in a treatment to produce different effects necessary for the process of recovery. Many people have a recognition and understanding of Acupuncture while Moxibustion is comparatively less popular. However, in the tradition of the Classical Chinese Medicine, Moxibustion was seen as a synergetic as well as a counter-part to Acupuncture. In Chinese, the term “Acupuncture” – Zhen Jiu actually includes the meaning of Moxibustion. Zhen – meaning needles, and Jiu – meaning Moxibustion. The main functions of Moxibustion is to stimulate circulation as well as tonify the body. There are two types of Moxibustion; direct and indirect. Direct Moxibustion is the process where a small, cone-shaped amount of moxa is placed on top of an acupuncture point with barrier and burned. Indirect Moxibustion is the process where a moxa stick is used to apply heat over an area on the body. In this process, no direct contact with the skin is made.

Moxibustion can be effective in treating the following areas:

  • Cold induced Diarrhea
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Poor circulation
  • Asthma
  • Weak Chronic Cough
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Weakness of knees
  • Congenital deficiencies