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Herbal Therapy In Toronto

In the history of Chinese medicine, the use of herbs has been studied extensively. Many modern pharmaceutical drugs are derived from understanding the therapeutic effects of herbs. Herbs when used in the correct amount and combination, can produce powerful effects that can cure many diseases. In contrast with acupuncture, which is also a key modality of treatment in Chinese medicine, the use of herbs can accomplish many things that acupuncture may not, especially in cases of “deficiency syndromes”.

At Simple Cures, we feel that natural and healthful foods and herbal remedies yield the most efficacious and safest outcomes for the restoration of health.

Many plant substances have powerful healing properties. Whereas a single chemically derived drug may address a singular problem or symptom, botanical medicines are able to address a variety of problems simultaneously thought addressing root causes. Their organic nature makes them much more compatible with the body’s own chemistry; hence, they can be gently effective with fewer toxic side-effects.

This less invasive and potentially harmful approach is one of Traditional Chinese Medicines’ major strengths.

  • They are safe and effective, and cause few, if any, side-effective
  • Plants contain healing substances in a natural form; easy to assimilate
  • Many pharmaceuticals can be strengthened and targeted more safely with knowledge of a concept called nutritional synergy.
  • Specific plants have an affinity for various organs and tissues
  • Plants have energetic qualities that balance disharmony in the body. Plants have an innate energetic intelligence that can heal

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