Ella Fang Ren


Ella Fang Ren is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) certified by CMTO (College of Massage Therapist of Ontario). Graduated from Centennial College in Toronto ON with an honoured diploma for 3-year full-time program, she immediately started her clinical practices after getting licensed as an RMT in 2012. Ella’s interest focuses on therapeutic massage in clinical settings. She has successfully built up a good clientele that follows her and she has been serving their needs since 2012. Ella also earned an Acupuncture Certificate after finishing a program in TSTCM, which contributes to her knowledge on both the theory and practice of TCM Jing-Luo (meridians). Ella has developed her own “unique” massage technique on common pain management that can effectively relieves pain. The only tool she needs to treat is simply with her hands – by applying a special “know-how” of palpation to locate the exact points of pain and integrating TCM Jing-Luo theory, Ella can treat most musculoskeletal pain with excellent results. Through on her years of clinical experience, Ella became particularly good at treating acute sports injuries and prenatal & postnatal pain management. When Ella is not in the clinic doing treatments, she would dabble in art and listen to stories of Chinese history.

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