Belinda Johnson

Massage Therapist

Belinda is an experienced Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. She has an extensive background in massage therapy specializing in sports, remedial and pregnancy treatments. Her passion for helping people with pain management, injury recovery and stress/anxiety relief can be seen through her individually tailored treatments. Belinda graduated from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in 2009 with a Diploma of Sport and a Diploma Remedial Massage she has since been practising in Australia, working with professional athletes for most of her career.

Belinda took an interest in Pregnancy massage in 2012 when her mentor and company owner Jackie fell pregnant and suffered a plethora of issues. The necessary treatments that ensued and additional study required to treat Jackie really sparked an ongoing passion to help pregnant women through the extraordinary changes there body is going through.

Belinda’s techniques include a blend of Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Muscle Energy Trigger Release, Trigger point therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Myofascial Release, Exercise Therapy and Lymphatic drainage. Using these techniques in conjunction with her clients' specific needs to manage pain, optimise performance, increase the range of motion or chill out. Belinda takes an individual approach to every client every session,  meaning no two treatments will ever be the same as every day and it's varied circumstances can present different pathologies. Working in this way harmoniously with her clients Belinda ensures their needs are met and exceeded each and every time. She has recently relocated to Toronto for Sydney Australia and is very keen to share the wealth of knowledge she has obtained over her years of practice.

When Belinda is out of the clinic she is actively pursuing continuing professional development and working on her own fitness at Yoga or the gym.

**Please note that Belinda is a highly qualified RMT in Australia, however she currently does NOT hold a Canadian RMT license. Some insurance coverage without flex-plans may not apply. Please consult your insurance policy and company for coverage**

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