You can start by asking yourself where does it hurt or what is concerning you. Our practitioners can recommend you to the appropriate treatment to get you started and guide you on your way to better health. 

You can also contact us at any time by email or phone to have all your questions answered to find out what will best suit your needs.

It’s always advised to check with your insurance provider to find out if our services are covered. You can do so by calling or ask us to check for you. Most insurance policies offer a limited dollar amount or percentage of the cost and cover specific services.

At the end of every visit, we will provide you with insurance information that can be submitted to your insurance company for claims and reimbursement. If you are missing any paid invoices, please contact us.

Be aware, all changes and cancellations must be made 24-hours in advance by contacting us through email or phone. Unless you are experiencing a medical emergency or unforeseen accident, failure to comply may result in a penalty fee of $30 upon your next visit. See Your Visit.

If you can make it into the clinic, then yes! Feeling unwell or coming down with a cold are great reasons to come in and get treated. Treatment can reduce the duration of symptoms and/or stop it from progressing. However, if you are vomiting or have a high fever, we understand and recommend you to rest and drink lots of water.

Please note our 24-hour cancellation policy.

Treatments can take from 45-minutes up to 90-minutes with many depending factors that can affect your visiting frequency. We believe in creating a treatment plan tailored to your situation and needs, so treatment will differ for each person. During your visits, we can discuss ways to track progress and achievement of your goals as treatment progresses including how often you may need to come back. We also offer free 15-minute consultations in-person or over the phone. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to us so that we can best fit your needs. Contact us here.
Treatments are the most effective with a patient who is calm and relaxed. We recommend that patients arrive about 15-minutes earlier to catch a breath before the treatment begins. It is also suggested that patients wear loose clothing for their own comfort and, on any basis, to drink lots of water (room temperature) before and after treatment. See Your Visit for more information.